It was a dark and stormy night… We’re all pretty familiar with these words. And, ham-handed as they might be, they do one thing quite clearly: they set the mood for the reader. Mood is not terribly complicated or difficult to set, but more often than not it requires a slightly subtler hand. A … Continue reading THREE WAYS TO SET THE MOOD OF A SCENE

Are Emojis Destroying Our Language?

Emojis. Those cutesy little things that enable you to evolve a simple text of boring old words into a beautiful tapestry of modern-day hieroglyphics. But are they really helping you better express yourself? Or are they another step towards a brainless Orwellian future? My, my. That took a dark turn. But stick with me here. … Continue reading Are Emojis Destroying Our Language?

Scene Setting And The Five Senses

So, last week we talked a bit about my preferred method of scene-setting, which is to give the reader the broad, impressionistic strokes of the scene, which they can largely flesh out in their own mind. I’ll go into detail about certain things, but only if they’re germane to the plot, or if they’re going … Continue reading Scene Setting And The Five Senses

How To Set The Scene (Without Putting People To Sleep)

I was asked recently by an aspiring writer to help them figure out how to set the scene. It’s interesting how often I do things without thinking about them. I had to think about this guy’s question for a bit. How exactly do I set scenes? Well, there’s one guiding principle here, and that’s that … Continue reading How To Set The Scene (Without Putting People To Sleep)