I’m D.J. Molles, but my friends call me Dan. In 2015, I went from raiding drug houses as a task force cop, to being a New York Times Bestselling author. I miss my old team, but I love what I do. This blog is about my three great passions in life: writing stories, making myself harder to kill, and living a great life.

I’ve pretty much been writing since I was capable of putting words on paper. Early efforts were…bad. But I was a stubborn child, convinced that I was destined for greatness. And gradually my voice evolved into something palatable, and sometime around 2012–when I’d all but given up on being an author–I self-published The Remaining series and people actually read it. Frankly, this came as a bit of a shock. Sometimes it still is.

After leaving police work behind me, I decided that I needed something in my life to keep the skills I had learned from fading away. I got involved in firearms instruction, and also started to really buckle down about honing my own self-defense skills. It’s a long road, and I’ve got plenty left to master, but I’ve learned a few things along the way. I’m pretty sure me now could kick the shit out of me five years ago.

With everything I do, I just want to live a balanced, awesome life. I want to reach the end of my days knowing that, even if I was given a second chance, I wouldn’t even need it–I lived the best possible life I could the first time around. As Tecumseh said, I want to “die like a hero going home.”