The Age of Offense

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I have this fervent and forlorn hope that this whole “offended” thing is just a passing craze wherein some attention-starved people will attain for themselves digital vindication and eventually grow out of it.

And yet, every day I scroll through the newsfeeds to see if the news is actually reporting anything newsworthy that day (mostly they don’t), and I see more and more headlines having to do with this famous person or another being offended by the offhanded comments of some other famous person.

Most of it happens on Twitter.

I hope, that as you read this, you realize, just as I did as I was writing it, how utterly ridiculous this sounds.

It has become fashionable to be offended.

Now, it’s obvious that I think this is outrageous. But it’s just as obvious that there are millions of Americans that don’t, because it is fast becoming an accepted facet of everyday life. Rather than rail against this, I’ve decided to toss something out into the void and hope that maybe just maybe it will stick with someone and perhaps help them overcome this social cancer.

I’m going to loan you the first line from a personal mantra of mine.

“Today, no one in the world owes you a damn thing.”

At first, this might seem like a condemnation. But it’s actually quite freeing, if you give it a try.

You see, I realized some time ago that most of the irritation in my life occurred because of a sense of being wronged by some other person or group of people. If I simply removed them from having influence over my emotions, then all of the sudden, what they said no longer mattered. All of the sudden, I was no longer offended.

How did I accomplish this?

I realized that I am the only person in the world responsible for my happiness.

No one else is responsible for coddling me, or making me feel safe, or tip-toeing around the things that might “trigger” me. If I took offense to something, that was my own damn fault, and all that was ultimately happening was that I was getting angry and probably taking hours off my life.

Now, every time someone gets offended, I think about their spiking blood pressure and the minutes just flying off of their death clock.

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Isn’t it ridiculous to let someone else have that power over you?

Today, no one in the world owes you a damn thing.

Isn’t that liberating?

You might just add some minutes back to your life.

2 thoughts on “The Age of Offense

  1. Good point. We can’t let this insanity drag us down and make us angry. Although I do wish that instead of making public apologies over innocent things that no one in their right mind should be offended over, people would start standing up for themselves and simply say “You misconstrued my meaning. Get over it.” Because we are just feeding the bears when we let them get away with being ridiculous and they are going to keep coming back for another bite.


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