Why Captain Harden And I Took A Break To See Other People

CaptHardenBreakupI’m sorry, Lee.

It’s not you, it’s me.

It’s not that we don’t work great together. It’s just that…I need to figure out who I am!

Okay, so that’s a bit dramatized.

Luckily for me, I don’t have semi-dependant, quasi-romantic relationships with the characters that I write. Also, lucky for me, I know that they won’t take offense if I feel it necessary to write some other characters from time to time.

I know that Captain Harden isn’t going to bitterly sneak off with another author. He’s a solid, loyal kinda guy anyways. (If you’re not sure who Captain Lee Harden is, you can find out more here!)

So, if that was dramatization, then what’s the truth? Why’d I take a break from such a productive and fruitful relationship?

Because if you love something, you have to let it go!

No, I’m kidding.

The truth is, I have a brain that REALLY loves to come up with stories. I’m constantly thinking about them. I’m constantly coming up with new ideas. They start like planets start—just a few random bits, some strange concepts and thoughts, like dust and matter that coalesces out of a fertile nebula. Those ideas crash into each other and become bigger ideas, and then they start sucking other ideas into them.

Me, I’m sitting in the center of this weird mental planetarium, all these ideas circling and growing constantly. All the time this is going on. And if I don’t pluck those planetary bodies like ripe fruit, if I don’t put them on paper when they grow big enough…well, then they’re going to start getting too big.

Too ripe.

They’re going to create these massive gravity wells that pull everything else off course. Planets that didn’t need to crash into them will inevitably crash into them because of the force of their attraction. Eventually they get so big they collapse in on themselves, fission occurs, stars ignite, supernovas occur, and my brain becomes a black hole and swallows the universe.

You get the point.

Enough astronomical analogies for now.

At the end of the day, I have to put these things on paper. Maybe it’s a compulsion that can be controlled, by I don’t want to control it. I love it. It keeps me busy. It keeps me creating. Which is why I started writing in the first place.

Damn my philandering heart!

But don’t worry, I know where my home is.

I know that Lee Harden’s world is a very big planet with a lot left to explore (okay, just one more astronomical reference). And I fully intend to explore it. All of it.

I might take a break to tell a story about a grieving family man battling with himself in a post-apocalyptic Western world, or I might have to tell a tale about people fighting for freedom in a dystopian America, or any of the other ideas lined up right behind those.

But Lee has a lot left to do.

Because their work is never done, right?


But hey, Lee…

How about me and you get together again?

Say, sometime before the end of the year?

Awesome. See you then.

37 thoughts on “Why Captain Harden And I Took A Break To See Other People

  1. Would love to hear more from Lee, but I’m thoroughly enjoying my visit with Walter Baucom! Can’t wait to read whatever you decide to put out next – keep it up DJ!

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  2. I fell in love with your writing and your gift of story telling. Characters come and go, never missed. The Remaining Series was awesome, but I love that you branched out. I’ve really enjoyed Wolves and The Purge of District 89. Keep those great ideas coming. If it was meant to be, she’ll come back.

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  3. Oh I’m so glad to hear this. There’s definitely unfinished work with Captain Harding for sure. Some plot points weren’t ever resolved. Personally, I’d love to see a swing back to the earlier books where there wasn’t so many big guns and explosions ruling the pages. Focus back onto the infected. I felt later books the focus was less on the infected. Anyway, my wife and I are huge fans of the series. Thanks!

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  4. I’ve really enjoyed the Grower’s War series so as long as you keep producing enjoyable work, we’ll keep reading. That being said, I’ll happily continue on Captain Harding’s adventures as soon as your ready to tell us them!

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  5. I read your your books and got my wife hooked on it…I introduced a friend of mine to your remaining series and he instantly feel in love with it(still on first book) I miss Capt. Hardon. I would love to hear if there are any plans to bring the series back????

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  6. This is great news. The Remaining series was left without explaining some major issues. The hunter zombies, the data from the lab and the pregnant zombies just to name a few. I am looking forward to whatever you write!

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  7. 2017 just keeps getting better… Be great to see how Lee is getting on, was looking to get books 1 and 2 again to start the series again… donated them to a friend heading back stateside a year and a bit ago…. great news.

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  8. Am I the only one that feels as if Growers War was very amateur… The Remaining Series was so great that I can’t find words to describe ! Yes, I also fell in love with Lee but realize that new stories and characters could also be loved. I was so excited !!…but honestly at end felt nothing at all and only kept reading just hoping would get better and want to support. Am really sad because OMG The Remaining was so great!!….Growers was just a dull day by day of character life ..very little changeing.. that felt one day was just like day before…THIS IS FIRST REVIEW I have ever given Only because I want you to realize the bar you set .


    1. Well, I’ll say this about all my books, from The Remaining, to Wolves, to the Grower’s War series: they’re all very different, and they all come from different places inside of me. I’ve learned to be okay with that–I don’t need to make everything like The Remaining series, because I’d quickly drive myself nuts. The downside is that I have to accept that there are going to be people that read something I wrote and think, “Wow, what a piece of garbage, this doesn’t compare at all to his previous stuff.” And, like I said, I’ve grown to be okay with that. Because there’s also people that read Wolves and Grower’s War and tell me that they’re way better than The Remaining. At the end of the day, I just shrug and realize that it’s mostly up to people’s individual tastes. All I can do is keep writing what I feel like I need to write, enjoy myself doing it, and accept that some of my works will inevitably be more popular than other ones. But I thank you for your loyal readership, and I’ll be thinking of you when I dive back into The Remaining!


  9. Stoked to find to hopefully continue this awesome story! I’m not sure if it will come up in possible future books in the series, but I really enjoyed the route and hype that was building around the female dens and possible baby zombies….

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  10. Hey DJ,

    Very happy to hear The Remaining series lives on. I just wanted to tell you-I listened to the entire Remaining series on audiotape and found Christian Rummel to be an incredible reader of your books. The best parts of the whole series for me were not the action scenes (though many of them were so intense I found myself holding my breath while driving), but the parts where a group of people would be standing around bullshitting. A highlight I can remember is the car trip to Smithfield in book 2, with the gang in the car busting each others’ chops, or some of the town meetings at Camp Ryder. While I enjoyed Wolves and Growers, the dialogue hasn’t (yet) reached the heights of The Remaining, though the way the first Growers book ended, we may be gearing up for plenty of arguing in book 2. Thanks, DJ.

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  11. I will enjoy reading about Lee again. However, I enjoy your other books too. Lee seems like a patient guy, I think he’ll wait for you to come back.

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  12. The next few books should deal with Lee not only battling the zomies, but the new president and his army. The battle for Lee and his groups survival.

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  13. I just want to say how much I enjoy The Remaining. I’m originally from just south of where the story takes place. I currently live in Asheboro and work as a tech rep for a chemical distributor. I have clients in several of the locations from the story. I’m actually on 421 several times per week. I enjoy trying to figure out where things could of happened and what may be fictional location wise. Especially, Broadway and Smithfield. Although, most of my clients aren’t quite as nerdy and I get funny looks sometimes when I talk about zombies. Thanks again and I look forward to reading more of your work.


  14. I have a long road ahead of me. And I’m looking forward to every word of it. Congratulations on such an enticing series: The Remaining. Can’t wait to read the rest of your work. Keep it coming. (I purposely took my time reading the series because I didn’t want it to end.)

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