How To Eat Your Weight In Cookies And Not Feel Guilty

Ah, the New Year. That magical time when people are determined to care about their health. At least for the next week or so. Then the gyms, which were so crowded with bright-eyed hopefuls with visions of chiseled abs dancing in their heads, will gradually empty out as lifetimes of poor habits reassert themselves. That … Continue reading How To Eat Your Weight In Cookies And Not Feel Guilty

Scene Setting And The Five Senses

So, last week we talked a bit about my preferred method of scene-setting, which is to give the reader the broad, impressionistic strokes of the scene, which they can largely flesh out in their own mind. I’ll go into detail about certain things, but only if they’re germane to the plot, or if they’re going … Continue reading Scene Setting And The Five Senses

How To Set The Scene (Without Putting People To Sleep)

I was asked recently by an aspiring writer to help them figure out how to set the scene. It’s interesting how often I do things without thinking about them. I had to think about this guy’s question for a bit. How exactly do I set scenes? Well, there’s one guiding principle here, and that’s that … Continue reading How To Set The Scene (Without Putting People To Sleep)

Winners Deal In Facts

The topic of talking shit as a preamble to a competitive effort has always been interesting to me. Perhaps because I’m so bad at it. I’m not very witty, so I’ve found it best to keep my mouth shut. Three hours later, I’m sure I’ll come up with a real zinger. Enter my scientific fascination … Continue reading Winners Deal In Facts

The Age of Offense

I have this fervent and forlorn hope that this whole “offended” thing is just a passing craze wherein some attention-starved people will attain for themselves digital vindication and eventually grow out of it. And yet, every day I scroll through the newsfeeds to see if the news is actually reporting anything newsworthy that day (mostly … Continue reading The Age of Offense